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Visual Merchandising Training

Visual Merchandising Training

Climbers-Merchandising-CoverThe planet is noisier than ever. Today’s consumer is assaulted by auditory and visual stimuli in an  unprecedented manner and retailers and brands are particularly challenged when trying to be heard above the noise. Retailers and brands that want to be heard must utilize every tool at their disposal and providing teams with a solid visual merchandising foundation is a powerful way for your business to develop a strategy that enables them to stand out as the unique entity it is.

You have a willing team and understand the concept and power of visual merchandising, but you may not have the skill set, tools or time to develop a visual merchandising training program. Our partner, Merchandising Matters, is ready to lend you a hand and empower your team.

Our team will guide your staff to a solid understanding of visual merchandising principles so that they have the confidence to take creative risks, make decisions that drive sales, and do both consistently while aligning with your unique brand story. With our program, you will empower your people with the skill-set to merchandise effectively, and develop a powerful silent sales channel for your brand that will increase your sales.

Our Visual Merchandising Educational Programming provides training in the following formats:

Visual Merchandising Best Practice Manual for Outdoor Retailers: A wonderful tool to provide the foundation for team building and training.

Workshops: Topics specific to sales teams, reps, marketing and merchandising professionals, and retail leaders as well as anyone else who wants to stand out and be HEARD. Workshops, training or seminars available live or virtually and available in different time frames depending on your needs. Some retailers partner with other local or regional retailers in order to share costs.

1:1 Consult: Merchandising Matters is happy to develop a training program that includes all the necessary visual merchandising tools and elements and train your trainers so that your team remains empowered with the necessary skills despite turnover.

Investment varies according to method of delivery and desired level of training. Training can be a quick-hit update on display setting that lasts two hours or a complete overview lasting several days. We diagnose your needs and develop a plan that meets those needs.

Contact us to learn more and receive a quote.

Merchandising Matters – New Normal Consulting’s visual merchandising affiliate – brings over ten years of outside-the-box thinking to our service offering. Storyteller and founder Robin Enright understands the real-life constraints of running a retail organization and is committed to bringing the necessary tools to outdoor retailers, brands, and their agencies so that they can tell the story only they can tell and be HEARD.

New Normal Consulting

Our mission is to educate, inspire, motivate and guide passion-driven businesses to create indispensable and intimate relationships with core enthusiasts. We are dedicated to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed. We have a singular passion for specialty business: Not as an MBA case study or as a passing curiosity.

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