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Supply Chain & Sourcing

Supply Chain & Sourcing

Whether we manufacture at our own local facility, a U.S.-based third-party factory or outside the country and whether we distribute through our warehouse or use third-party logistics (3PL) we are all involved deeply in supply chain challenges. We all face issues around demand planning, product specification, quality assurance, compliance, on-time delivery and fill rates.

The New Normal Consulting team has years’ experience in managing every aspect of supply chain both domestically and overseas, having lead partnerships with up to 75 Asian and U.S. factories and staffs of up to 75 members based both inside and outside the United States.

This is a shifting and confusing landscape, with most every element in flux: Labor rates, currency fluctuations, arcane regulations, freight cost volatility and an ever-evolving international landscape.

Beginning with solid processes for demand planning and purchasing, we move through factory selection and relationship management into modern quality assurance programs, third-party compliance audits, managing lead times, freight negotiations and quick-turn fulfillment.

  • How do we set up a new factory?
  • Build to standard cost capturing all the correct factors?
  • Ascertain we are getting the very best FOB costs?
  • Assure we are following the latest, changing product safety regulations?
  • Guarantee our factories are socially compliant?
  • Deal with inevitable quality failures?
  • Triage non-compliant product once it’s been delivered?
  • Track and analyze fill rates?
  • Manage chargebacks?
  • Cease relations with a factory or move production in a hurry?

New Normal Consulting can help you establish tools, procedures and analytics, find and engage factories, set up QA and compliance processes and get your products from the factory to your customers efficiently.

Our services can ultimately be tailored to your specific needs, and we know well that each client has unique challenges and goals.

Let us help you avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls.

Please contact us at for more information.

New Normal Consulting

Our mission is to educate, inspire, motivate and guide passion-driven businesses to create indispensable and intimate relationships with core enthusiasts. We are dedicated to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed. We have a singular passion for specialty business: Not as an MBA case study or as a passing curiosity.

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