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Strategic Planning Prevents Chaos

Strategic Planning Prevents Chaos

William McDonough, the brilliant designer and future-thinker, often speaks about first design principles, and that if we look closely at current structures, organizations or processes, we can deconstruct them back to what appear to be their original design principles. Too often, what we can only deduce is the originators were not very clear about what they were intending, or they got distracted or had to compromise until the result turned into chaos. Or, worse, they had no plan.

Businesses and organizations that do not plan get exactly what they planned for.

The remedy for this is Strategic Planning.

Most simply put, in our words, Strategic Planning is the discipline we use to assure that we actually have an original “design” and that what results at the end of our work matches it.

Strategic Planning is about the future. We use it to identify goals, priorities and specifics of what we want to result from our work. It is that set of decisions that creates agreement about what our organization does and why, whom it serves, how we commit to operating and what measurements we will use to assess whether or not we succeed. Finally, it is the operating model that brings constituents and stakeholders together to assure we are all working toward the same goals in the same ways.

A Strategic Plan is a document, with supporting schedules, budgets and calendars that consolidates all the critical details of our project or initiative and that is used to communicate within our teams to assure alignment and progress.

Strategic Management is the execution of the Strategic Plan, and includes regular assessment of progress against milestones, budget and resource review, individual performance and identification and elimination of obstacles.

Strategic planning and management are highly developed disciplines, accompanied by university-level accreditation and certification and intricate planning and tracking tools. We respect these areas of expertise and the individuals who practice and teach them. However, our New Normal Consulting approach is to make strategic planning and management accessible and achievable for the busy, smaller-business owner or manager.

We can write the most brilliant strategic plan and set up complex web-based tools to track progress and help move our projects forward. But unless these tools and processes and documents are simple and easily maintained, they often get set aside and are replaced by today’s latest fire fight.

We will work with you and your team to hone your strategic plan, assure it is achievable, design your operating model for tracking and moving the plan forward and craft the metrics so you will know exactly where you stand. We will keep it simple, so you use your plan as reliably and comfortably as you do a road map on a cross-country drive.

Please contact New Normal Consulting for more details and to request a quote.

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