New Normal Consulting | Revolutionary Interactive Custom Jacket Kiosk Launches at Retail
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Revolutionary Interactive Custom Jacket Kiosk Launches at Retail

customer ordering a jacket at the custom kisok.

Revolutionary Interactive Custom Jacket Kiosk Launches at Retail

New Normal Consulting provides vision, direction and leadership

How do you captivate today’s consumer, who wants customization and personalization for any product? How does a specialty retailer hope to compete with the big brands and mega-retailers that provide this, and make money at the same time?

That was the question New Normal Consulting was asked after being approached by Hexa Recreation Products, a high-end international manufacturer of premium customized goods. Through extensive research with specialty retail stores, and consumers, New Normal Consulting’s team not only answered the question, but proved that this concept has legs. Tasked with launching the concept, New Normal Consulting  assembled and directed a team to design, produce, and install an interactive custom jacket kiosk to test the concept at two of the nation’s top outdoor specialty retailers: Ute Mountaineer in Aspen, Colo. and Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis, Minn.

Designed by you, built for lifeNew Normal Consulting’s team included the creative firm Capsule, out of Minneapolis, Minn., and Chandler, a fixture design and manufacturing company from Afton, Minn. NNC recruited Earthling Interactive, from Madison, Wisc, who designed and coded the integrated website appearing on the interface. Crash + Sue’s, a video production company from Minneapolis, Minn. created a pre-roll video that draws the customer to the kiosk.

kiosk at Ute MountaineerAfter several design concepts and 3D models were rendered, a sturdy yet condensed prototype was built. The sleek kiosk design features acrylic tubes, panels and a jacket display shadowbox. It also features metal, millwork, a 42-inch touchscreen monitor and CPU system, fabric swatch sample board, glass mirrors and locking cabinets on casters. The compact, interactive, and portable kiosk offers tactile elements designed to enhance the custom ordering process. Check out the short video that has been made to show how it works.

It’s still early in the process, but initial reads are that this is a home-run with the customer-experience and an entirely new way for specialty retailers to achieve customization with just-in-time ordering in a cost-effective and profitable manner.

kiosk in Midwest Mountaineering

“I’m not usually a sucker for marketing, but I was completely taken in by the ability to try on the sample and then customize (my jacket) as I wished!” emailed a very happy customer who was one of the first to order a jacket from the kiosk installed at Ute Mountaineer.

It’s just another way that the team at New Normal Consulting thinks out of the box to meet the needs of manufacturers, retailers and consumers in ways perhaps not yet imagined.

More about New Normal Consulting LLC:

New Normal Consulting is a team of outdoor industry veterans who help suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and reps optimize their business in disruptive and creative ways. How can we help your business? Let us imagine with you. Contact us today at

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