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Project Management

Project Management

As business managers and leaders, we are rarely short on big ideas, plans and initiatives. We’re very creative and we prefer being “out of the box”. We have all heard (or even said ourselves), “I’m more of a ‘Big Picture Person’.” We all want to be like Richard Branson.

New ideas and strategies are intoxicating and can lead us to believe we are moving forward, faster than that other, old-school company.

But respectfully, great ideas without execution are like a computer without software, or a book of plays without a team or a brilliant screenplay that never leaves the page.

With over a hundred years’ business experience, the New Normal Consulting team has seen great ideas fall flat or end up in the circular file for lack of execution. Time and again, we have seen smart and creative managers come up with terrific ideas that could really improve the business only to fail due to sloppy project management. Too often we have heard “We don’t have time for meetings or all these tracking documents. We just need to get this thing done.” Or worse: “We focus on action, not talking about action.”

Everything we do involves execution. Every change or new idea is a project that requires solid and disciplined management, whether a new product launch, store opening, marketing plan or ERP system conversion.

How do we succeed at executing projects? Who’s in charge? Who’s on the team? How do we decide? Do we meet casually or formally? Do we keep records of decisions? Do we track our progress against a plan? Do we report out on status and variances to timelines and budgets? Do we conduct a post mortem to make sure we learn for the next time?

New Normal Consulting can work with individual leaders and managers, or with teams to teach the basic tools, processes and disciplines required to assure that a great new idea can become reality and a part of your success.

We will:

  • Teach you how to select a project leader.
  • Teach you how to build the correct team for your project.
  • Demonstrate how to work cross-functionally.
  • Set up an efficient operating model.
  • Create budgets, schedules and milestones.
  • Design simple tracking tools so you know where you stand.
  • Guide you to understand when and how to “rescue” a project.
  • Help you learn from successes and failures.

Each client’s needs are unique and New Normal Consulting can tailor our services to your situation.

Please contact us at for more information or to schedule your own training.

New Normal Consulting

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