New Normal Consulting | New Normal Consulting Releases E-Book: “Retail Math for Buyers”
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New Normal Consulting Releases E-Book: “Retail Math for Buyers”

Retail Math for Buyers

New Normal Consulting Releases E-Book: “Retail Math for Buyers”

New Normal Consulting released its new e-book for specialty retailers, Retail Math for Buyers. Founder and partner Geoff O’Keeffe debuted this new content during presentations for specialty retail buyers and owners at the 2016 Grassroots Summit on June 12 in Albuquerque. O’Keeffe will also present related material at the Grassroots Connect in Albuquerque, N.M. on Thursday, June 16th.

The New Normal Consulting founders all have their roots in specialty outdoor retail. “We view the independent outdoor dealer as irreplaceable and essential to the health of our outdoor industry,” says O’Keeffe.

New Normal Consulting founder and partner Michael Hodgson continues: “Specialty retailers support better brands as well as product innovation, they maintain high quality service, and they engage in a meaningful way with our consumers.”

At specialty retail, the buying and merchandising functions are literally the engine that powers the health and vitality of those businesses. Product purchase is where roughly half of a store’s overall spend goes. Done well, specialty stores can thrive. Done less effectively, poor buying and merchandising practices endanger the survival of specialty retail.

Retail Math for Buyers is an overview of the basic financial terms, tools, processes and analysis methods that specialty retail buyers “must have” in order to be competitive. The ten chapters included cover the critical concepts necessary for modern buyers to succeed.

Retail Math for Buyers is currently available for free download from New Normal Consulting.

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About New Normal Consulting, LLC: New Normal Consulting’s mission is to educate, inspire, motivate and guide passion-drive businesses, and is dedicated to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed. The founding partners are Michael Hodgson, Brad Werntz, and Geoff O’Keeffe, and together they have just over a century of collective experience working as leaders in the specialty outdoor trade. That experience ranges wide, and includes retail, e-commerce, operational and supply chain upgrades, events planning and management, publications, content creation, sales management, leadership training, executive coaching, strategic planning, start-ups, turn-arounds and more.

New Normal Consulting

Our mission is to educate, inspire, motivate and guide passion-driven businesses to create indispensable and intimate relationships with core enthusiasts. We are dedicated to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed. We have a singular passion for specialty business: Not as an MBA case study or as a passing curiosity.

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