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New Normal Consulting Expands into Visual Merchandising

New Normal Consulting Expands into Visual Merchandising

New Normal Consulting is excited to announce our newly-formed strategic partnership with Robin Enright and her firm, Merchandising Matters. Robin is a seasoned expert in visual merchandising, brand storytelling and customer engagement, with a deep resume working with retailers and brands. Robin is also a professional writer with significant credits to her name.

Merchandising Matters is in the business of creativity and where Robin endeavors to enhance an emotional connection between buyer and seller by collaborating with her clients to develop customized visual merchandising strategies.

Robin also founded and manages Permission To Leap, where she guides organizations and individuals to enhanced creativity in business and life. Robin feels a bit of magic when observing others in transition from “I can’t, I don’t know how,” to “I can and I will,” and she isn’t afraid to wave her wand a bit to encourage this transformation.

Past client list includes Angler’s Covey, Sea to Summit, Buff, Inc., GSI Outdoors and Cascade Designs. Enright has worked as Travel Editor for Women’s Adventure Magazine, Merchandising Editor for SNEWS, and as a local columnist, op-ed contributor and feature writer for MetroWest Daily News in Framingham, Massachusetts. She was awarded an Artist in Residency at Rocky Mountain National Park in 2012 and is currently working on Searching for Home, a collection of essays on the meaning of home and Permission to Leap: The Workbook, a collection of exercises to spur creative process. Robin has led merchandising tours at Outdoor Retailer winter and summer markets.

Robin says, “Many incredibly talented businesses and individuals struggle with identifying and telling their unique story and connecting with their consumer base or audience. The marketing and merchandising world is full of ideas and suggestions, but where does one start and what should one focus on to start?”

This new partnership expands New Normal Consulting’s services offering and is another firm step in our progress to present a full suite of business consulting services to our clients.

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