New Normal Consulting | Meet Our Team
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Meet Our Team

As a company, it is our mission is to educate, inspire, motivate and guide passion-drive businesses, while promoting and supporting community service, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility through key partnerships. We are dedicated to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed. We have a singular passion for specialty business: Not as an MBA case study or as a passing curiosity. We believe in: Leading from the front; Challenging the status quo; Respecting our heritage; Seeing change as opportunity; Focusing on ‘why not’ instead of why; Being solution biased, complaint averse; Building relationships not likes.

We are anything BUT normal ...

Brad Werntz – Founding Partner

Brad Werntz headshotFor over thirty years, Brad Werntz has been exclusively employed in the outdoor industry: As a guide and outfitter, a writer and speaker, as specialty retail staff and management, a marketer, and entrepreneur. For twenty-two years PEMBAserves – the sales agency that Brad founded – represented high-end brands to the outdoor industry’s most respected and influential retailers. Brad also founded Boulders Climbing Gym in Madison, Wisconsin and has been its managing member since 1996. Brad is an early-adopter and an innovator who has consistently asked and answered the question: “How is this going to end up?” To Brad, this question is as much about predicting an outcome as it is about influencing it. Brad is very active in the Outdoor Industry Association, and is currently on its Recreational Advisory Council. Brad has served on other environmental, and outdoor industry boards. Brad is the founder and board president of the Wisconsin Business Alliance. Brad lives on the bike path in downtown Madison, Wisconsin with his wife Vera, and their kids Emma, Misa, and John-Pio.


Robin Enright

Robin-Enright_Portraits_WebRobin Enright is in the business of creativity. She is the founder of Merchandising Matters, a visual merchandising agency where she endeavors to enhance an emotional connection between buyer and seller, and Permission to Leap where she guides organizations and individuals to enhanced creativity in business and life. She feels a bit of magic when observing others transition from “I can’t, I don’t know how,” to “I can and I will,” and she isn’t afraid to wave her wand a bit to encourage this transformation. Her client list includes Angler’s Covey, Sea to Summit, Buff, Inc., GSI Outdoors and Cascade Designs. Enright has worked as Travel Editor for Women’s Adventure Magazine, Merchandising Editor for SNEWS, and as a local columnist, op-ed contributor and feature writer for MetroWest Daily News in Framingham, Massachusetts.

 Ascend_Logo_Hortizontal-150Ascend helps owners worry less about managing and more about what really matters – your business.
 Blogs-for-Brands-LogoBlogs for Brands is a premier content marketing agency that helps outdoor brands hire leading industry journalists, photographers and videographers.
 Bread_logo_landscape_xparent_bgroundBread builds online consumer financing solutions that boost sales and conversion rates from web, phone, and email. We have comparable tools for the in-store experience. Our approach works: sales volume increases by as much as 2.5X when customers understand their purchasing power while they shop.   Integration is simple and seamless; the process is fast and smooth; and our tools are highly customizable and can be white labeled to suit your brand.
 fosubo150-blackFosubo is a customer experience software that measures the performance of front line sales teams through a text message survey. It facilitates positive reinforcement of good performance along with quick resolution of negative reviews to increase customer retention and your bottom line.
 kenji-consults-logo-rolling-hillKenji Consults is a networked team of event professionals and go-to industry insiders that will guide strategy and marketing tactics in developing authentic live storytelling and engagement face-to-face with current and future clients and/or consumers. Creating successful event engagement strategies one client at a time.
MHLogo-150x50Makin’ Hey! Communications can help guide your organization’s marketing and communication objectives on time, on budget and on point. From strategic planning, brand identity, web design and development – to print collateral and social media management, Makin’ Hey! will help lift your brand to new heights.
 notogroup_exec_searchNotogroup is a national retained executive search firm representing notable brands in the athletic, outdoor, food, grocery, and natural products industry sectors.