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Interim Executive Services

Interim Executive Services

If you find yourself in a position where your company is creating, building or transitioning a part or all of its businesses, it is likely you are in a unique time that that is best served by bringing in executive leadership on an interim basis.

  • You may be in the midst of recruiting for a top role, but you still need day-to-day leadership and direction during that process to ensure your company continues to prosper.
  • Maybe you are considering adding a new executive position, but are not ready to make a full commitment to an employment agreement, needing more time to discover how this new role will work.
  • An executive has suddenly left your company, leaving you with gaps in service and quality leadership.
  • You are currently undergoing or considering a merger or acquisition and need guidance with the heavy-lifting that often results from an integration process.
  • A business unit or a team in your company is without its leader and clearly in need of an outside perspective to ensure the effectiveness of the team and its processes.

The New Normal Consulting team is made up of seasoned professionals all of whom have deep experience filling executive roles as president, vice-president, SVP, COO, and others. As well, our partners have all been business owners, which always puts a sharper point on those executive roles.

New Normal Consulting offers you our Interim Executive services. Subject to your needs, we will provide you on site or remote coverage for CEO, CFO, COO, President, VP- or Director-level roles on an interim basis of one week to months or even longer, as you require.

Our fees for Interim Executive Service are scaled appropriately to each position.

Please contact us at for more information.

New Normal Consulting

Our mission is to educate, inspire, motivate and guide passion-driven businesses to create indispensable and intimate relationships with core enthusiasts. We are dedicated to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed. We have a singular passion for specialty business: Not as an MBA case study or as a passing curiosity.

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