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Delegation Training For Leaders

Delegation Training For Leaders

As executives, leaders and managers, we have all fallen short when it comes to staff development, attending to human culture within our organizations and the disciplines involved in creating strong and resilient teams. Too often, we are busily caught up in buying, selling, analyzing, researching, reporting, meeting etc. to take the time to lead, communicate and delegate in ways that are effective.

The New Normal View is that leadership, mentoring, delegating and organizational skills are as important as our hard business skills, and that we overlook these “soft” disciplines at our peril.

We suggest that “doing” and “managing” are two entirely different skill sets, requiring equal attention and training.

Routinely, we take our best individual producers, promote them to management and throw them the keys to the store, saying “good luck”, then walk away.

Delegation is the core activity that creates the resource leverage allowing one person to effectively organize, inspire, train and lead a team to produce more work, more ideas, more sales, than they could individually do otherwise. Often, smart delegation requires the leader or manager to NOT do those things themselves.

Learning to delegate is a key management skill. Delegating effectively will build strong teams, individual initiative and a “deep bench” of talent.

New Normal Consulting developed a Delegation Training seminar for supervisors, managers and the executive team that will teach anyone managing a team the nuts and bolts steps toward effective delegation. This training has been used in numerous company settings and has been a true catalyst for change. The Delegation Training can be tailored for an individual or for teams, with pricing arranged accordingly.

Please contact us at for more information or to schedule your own training.

New Normal Consulting

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