New Normal Consulting | White Paper: Point of Sale in Specialty Outdoor Retail
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White Paper: Point of Sale in Specialty Outdoor Retail

White Paper: Point of Sale in Specialty Outdoor Retail

In the fall of 2015, New Normal Consulting queried 1200 of the top specialty outdoor retail stores in the United States about their point of sale systems. Specifically excluded from this list were corporately held large and medium format national and regional chains with ten or more locations. Instead, we focused on single-door and small privately held chains, which generally have four or fewer overall locations.

We received excellent feedback on the first round of surveys, and then followed up with a second round of more detailed questions to those who responded to the first. The data we received and the subsequent analytic report formed the basis of this white paper, which we offer to the industry for reference.

Thanks for your interest in our white paper on point of sale systems in use in specialty outdoor retail. Please click here to go to our order page where you can register to download our Point of Sale White Paper for free.

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